Sportsday with CVO

Monday the 10/09/2018, was not a usual school day for the CvO students. The day was based on educating the smaller students in the different athletic disciplines, all while having fun and exercising.

The day started by going to Poppenbüttel S-Bahn, where a handful of teachers were waiting to divide you into small groups of 5-6 students, 2 older students, and 4 younger students. The older student’s job was to watch over the small and energetic kids, which turn out to work out just fine (No one got lost).

Everyone, big as small, arrived after 1 hour of transportation with S-Bahn and U-Bahn, at the athletics stadium, meaning that main event of the day soon could begin.

Warming up and teaching:
The day before had the older students had planned who that were supposed to teach the students and who that were supposed to control the stopwatches. This meant that the first 30 minutes of the activities were all warmup and teaching from the older students.

The warmup was based on a simple game of “follow the leader”, an effective way to get the students active. Afterward, the warmup was based on running with the baton and transferring it to the next runner. At last, the students learned how to set up and push off the start blocks correctly.

One big run.The main event of the day was the 8*50-meter relay run, boys started by running the first 200 meters then finished by the girls. At 9:30 people are getting ready to run, and at 9:35 the first start goes off.

The discipline that the children were running is called a relay run. Relay race runners typically carry a relay baton which they must transfer between teammates. Runners usually have a 20 m box in which to transfer the baton. The first transfer is made within the staggered lane lines; for the second and third transfers, runners typically line up across the track even though runners are usually running in line on the inside of the track. This prevents confusion and collisions during transfer. Unlike the 4 × 100 m relay, the most important thing that the students had to learn while warming up was to look back and grasp the baton from the incoming runner.


Laurits, S1 Sportprofil (Austauschschüler aus Dänemark)


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